The Wealthy Franchisee

Make more money, get back your time, and enjoy a better quality of life 

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Module 1: Preparing Yourself to Become a Wealthy Franchisee  
  • Module 2: Cutting Loose The Most Common Franchisee Sandbags
  • Module 3: Building A Team Of Employee Superstars
  • Module 4: Employee Coaching – Developing Your Employees Into High Performing, Independent Leaders
  • Module 5: Creating The Ultimate Customer Experience
  • Module 6: Maximizing The Value Of Your Royalty: Getting The Most From Your Franchisor
  • Module 7: Bigger Picture, Bigger Payoff: Thinking Big Beyond Your Business
  • Bonus #1: Access To Our Members-Only Online Community
  • Bonus #2: 6 x Monthly Live Group Business Breakthrough Sessions With Scott Greenberg
  • Bonus #3: Understanding The Two Forms of Motivation, Plus The Employee Motivation Reflection Tool
  • Bonus #4: 3-Step Digital Reputation Action Plan
  • Bonus #5: Turning Angry Customers into Customers for Life
  • Access to The Manager’s Program
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