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“Your step-by-step course approach helped me quickly identify what had to change. It most importantly helped me draw a clear roadmap what I need to do in order to confidently engage in the next phase of growth of my business.”
 Jean-Marc Landry, Franchisee, Spray-Net
Here's What You'll Get:
  • Module 1: Preparing Yourself to Become a Wealthy Franchisee  
  • Module 2: Cutting Loose The Most Common Franchisee Sandbags
  • Module 3: Building A Team Of Employee Superstars
  • ​Module 4: Employee Coaching – Developing Your Employees Into High Performing, Independent Leaders
  • ​Module 5: Creating The Ultimate Customer Experience
  • ​Module 6: Maximizing The Value Of Your Royalty: Getting The Most From Your Franchisor
  • ​Module 7: Bigger Picture, Bigger Payoff: Thinking Big Beyond Your Business

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“This is a program that anyone wanting to become a franchisee, of any brand, should take BEFORE becoming a franchisee. This program not only helps set expectations but really puts things in perspective for what life is all about.”

Jerry DeFeo 
V.P. Franchise Operations, Tide Cleaners
“This program has changed our thinking for how to make our franchise locations the best that we can. We’ve learned so much practical and mindset-based knowledge that we are already implementing into our businesses. We actually have a system for leading teams objectively now.”
Joseph and Jasmine Mims
Franchisees, Lil Coffee Cabin
“This program equips franchisees with tools to understand the human element in of their businesses. It also helps franchisees to focus on the elements that will help them to sustain long term success and true wealth.” 

Angela Cassin
Director Of Operations, Round Table Pizza

The Wealthy Franchisee

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